Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tempest at Dawn, By James D. Best

12/13/14 - 12/24/14
Tempest at Dawn
James D. Best
412 pages (2)
Historical Fiction, Realistic Fiction

      The story starts with the United States on the edge of collapsing with the military degraded to a small amount of soldiers. Along with that, the economy of the States is in great turmoil and is downing everyone's spirits, with other much stronger countries waiting for them to fall so they may pick at the carcass of what is left. In a last attempt to salvage the situation, 55 powerful men come together to revise the Articles of Confederation to fix the situation at hand. As the supposed main character, James Madison. As the story progresses, he is confronted with different challenges that he and his delegates must face and overcome. In the end, instead of revising the Articles of Confederation, they form what we know as today as our country.

Rating: 5 stars (six if I could)

Recommendation: This book was absolutely fabulous. When you read, it makes you feel like you are the 56th delegate there, and that you one with the story. Another this to note, is that as the story continues on, the language increasingly becomes more complex and realistic to the current time. If you want a terrific historical fiction book, I recommend you start with this one, then compare it to the others you read.

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